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2022 Spring

27 Jan Intro to Electronics Introduce basic electronic concepts in which Makers will likely use in future projects 
3 Feb LED Cube Workshop  Experience building and customizing your own mini 4 x 4 LED cube!   
9 Feb Valentine's Day: Wood Carving Workshop  Look forward to carving your own unique Wooden Heart Casing for your loved ones!   
9 Mar Wordworking workshop  Oppotunity to be Bob the Builder where you build your own Foldable Bedside Table from scratch! 
23 Mar Sihouette Light Box Learn to implement the beauty of depth and layering into your artwork 
6 Apr Resin LED Cube Workshop Look forward to having your special item encased in a resin cube!



During the recess week of Spring Term (2022), Makerspace held a woodworking workshop where students get to build their own bedside foldable table from scratch. Through this fun workshop, students get to learn and apply the proper and safe way of operating some of the common tools used in woodworking, as well as some wood joinery techniques. From sketching the measurements to sawing, sanding and piecing everything together, the students were able to experience and indulge themselves in a comprehensive and fruitful session.                    


With Alex Naurana from GreenPrint, Makers learnt the basics of electronics and constructed a 555 timer on a breadboard. It was an enlightening session for many to learn about circuit symbols, schematics and breadboard layouts!                    


Another unique workshop held by Makerspace was this Silhouette Light Box Workshop. Starting the session with the required tools and skills in Adobe Illustrator, participants are able to adopt them into creating their own layers and depth. In order to have a physical takeaway from the workshop, we prepared a laser-cut set for each of them to experience the assembly process. This enabled them to have a full hands-on experience in both the software and hardware component of the Silhouette Light Box!                    


For Valentine's Day 2022, Makerspace held a wood carving workshop where participants learned the basic techniques to carve a heart-shaped magnetic holder. What's a better gift than to hand-make it yourself right?                    


To kick start 2022, Makerspace hosted an Intro to Electronics Workshop, as well as a 4x4 LED Cube Workshop. Through these workshops, basic soldering skills and concepts like electronics components, breadboarding, and basics of Arduino were taught. The final artworks by the students were really neat and beautiful considering this was most of their first time soldering.                    

2021 Spring & Fall

8 Feb WhatTheHack (WTH) Annual SUTD Hackathon   
12  Feb Woodworking  Workshop (By FabLab)  Open to all Makers, please indicate
your interest in our telegram group.      
10-13 Feb Valentine's Day Sales  An event for Makers to create cool
keychains and postcards to sell to the
SUTD community.   
14 Feb Valentine's Day Event (In collaboration with GreenPrint) Sign up at"
22-23 Feb  Open House and Night Fiesta 2020  
 (in collaboration with SUTDio) 
Fifth Row showcase as well as Night Fiesta
Installation in collaboration with SUTDio 
25 Mar Music Box Workshop More details will be released soon through
email and our telegram group 
15 April  3D Printing Workshop Makers Pro Workshop
16 - 31July  July Activity Kit
(Paper Lightbox) 
Mailed to members 
23 Sep  Makerspace Introductory Session 2020 (Discover 5thRows)
(Create your own personalized LED stand!)
Online via Microsoft Teams
Sign up:
Microsoft Teams link:


Makerspace has organized yearly Resin Workshops both in 2018 and 2019 for the entire school to participate in. In this workshop, participants get to use Epoxy Resin, wood and some creativity to create their own keychains for themselves. It is a fun experience for participants to create designs using Adobe Illustrator, lasercut their designs themselves and bring it to the workshop to cast in Resin. So far the past 2 workshops have been successful and we hope to continue organizing this for more of the SUTD community to participate in!                   


During the summer of 2020, we decided to create activity kits for our members to do while at home during circuit breaker. We included some design templates, paper, cardboard, some RGB lights as well as some instructions and the rest ws left to them. Here are some of the pictures of our members' creations and the instructions if you want to create your own custom lighbox today!                      

parking day

PARKing Day is an event organized by SUTD SUTDio in collaboration with Urban Redevelopment Authorit (URA) which promotes community engagement by converting parking lots into areas of play and interaction for the larger community. Makerspace has participated in this event for the past 2 years with various projects namely, Foosball Table, Arcade Machine as well as the Acyllic Puzzle. This event gives us the opportunity to work together as a club and create something that is promotes community engagement and challenges us to work with limited resources and budget.                            


In collaboration with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) SUTD, Makerspace helped to organize a 3 day challenge to create a 4 by 4 LED Cube. Roughly 12 participants split themselves into 2 groups to challange each other on who could create a better cube. The first day, participants were taught by our friendly instructors from IEEE in the basics of electronic, PCBs and soldering to create 2 by 2 individually. On the second day, we travelled to Bras Basah, Sim Lim Tower to purchase different electonic parts and leds to create their cubes. On the final day, participants worked around the clock both in and out of FabLab to finish up their cubes and finally one group was crowned champion!